Scheduling Professional (SP) Exam Preparation Course – PMI, USA


Scheduling Professional (SP) Exam Preparation Course – PMI, USA

About PMI Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP)®

PMI-SP® holders are specialists in Project Scheduling, who has unique expertise and competence to develop and maintain project schedules. Professional should demonstrate their education, experience and knowledge in project scheduling field through examination offered by PMI®. Planning Manager, Planning Engineers, Schedulers, planners, project cost control engineers are the beneficiary of this program.

Why PMI-SP®?

 A PMI-SP is a skilled planning and scheduling professional with advanced experience in project planning, & developing, monitoring, updating, forecasting and analyzing integrated project schedules. A PMI-SP is able to communicate effectively with all project stakeholders, both internal and external

 The PMI-SP® will recognize your knowledge and skill to drive the improved management of project schedules.

Projects and teams today are increasingly global and virtual, and project schedules are key to managing activities, resources, dependencies and ultimately, project outcomes.

What You Will Learn

In this course you will learn the concepts of the Scheduling Domains including:

  • Utilize all tools and techniques to more effectively manage projects
  • Learn to develop and monitor a schedule with and without the need for software assistance
  • Employ the various scheduling methods, tools and techniques, in addition to data from the various formats of schedule models
  • Plan and structure project communications in an organized and efficient way

How You Will Benefit

  • Obtain the knowledge needed to pass the PMI-SP Certification exam
  • Gain understanding of how various environmental and organizational influences affect project management
  • Utilize appropriate tools to develop and manage your project team in a constructive and motivational way
  • Improve your skills and abilities to drive higher-quality management of project schedules

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