Oracle Primavera P6 Ver 19.0


Oracle Primavera P6 Ver 19.0

Oracle’s Primavera solutions for architecture, engineering, and construction firms enable them to successfully plan, manage, control, and deliver projects. Taking our Primavera P6 training in Abu Dhabi offers students access to the benefits of using Primavera, including improved client service without sacrificing project profitability. To avoid surprises, maintain accountability, and meet your bottom line, you need a complete solution to manage all your projects, regardless of their size—one that is available to all project contributors across your entire organization, whenever and wherever they need it. Time, resources, and activities are the most important things in a project, and they can be interrelated here. You need the Primavera project portfolio management solution.


Lesson 1: Starting a Project

  • Topic A: Project Management 101

  • Topic B: Navigate and Customize the Project 2016 Interface

  • Topic C: Add Tasks to a Project

  • Topic D: Add Resources to a Project

  • Topic E: Save a Project

Lesson 2: Working with Project Calendars

  • Topic A: Manage Project Time Frames

  • Topic B: Change Working Time – Calendar Types

Lesson 3: Working with Project Tasks

  • Topic A: Manage Project Tasks

  • Topic B: Add Summary Tasks and Milestones

Lesson 4: Managing Task Structures

  • Topic A: Change a Task List

  • Topic B: Create a Network Diagram and Developing the Schedule

  • Topic C: Manage the Critical Path

  • Topic D: Use Lag and Lead

  • Topic E: Work with Custom Fields

Lesson 5: Working with Project Resources

  • Topic A: Manage Project Resources

  • Topic B: Analyze and Level Work Resources

Lesson 6: Delivering a Project Plan

  • Topic A: Print Project Views

  • Topic B: Share Projects

  • Topic C: Export Projects

Lesson 7: Managing the Project Environment

  • Topic A: Link Projects

  • Topic B: Baseline a Project and Track the Status of the Task

  • Topic C: Analyze Earned Value

Lesson 8: Generating Project Views

  • Topic A: Use View Commands

  • Topic B: Use Existing Views

  • Topic C: Create Custom Views

  • Topic D: Format and Share the Timeline View

Lesson 9: Producing Project Reports

  • Topic A: Use Existing Reports

  • Topic B: Create Custom Reports

  • Topic C: Export Visual Reports


  • Project managers and members of the project management team.

  • New hires.

  • Scheduling coordinators.

  • Executive-Level Leadership and program managers.

  • Applicants for the PMP examination.

  • Planning Engineers


At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Reduces the risk of schedule overrun.

  • Reduces the risk of cost overrun.

  • Helps easily plan and manage project activities.

  • Optimizes management of all resources.

  • Gives clear visibility of what’s going on in the project.

  • Allows quick and easy forecasting of WBS’s, activities or projects.

  • Can keep track of progress and view past period performance for reporting purposes.

  • Helps you easily breakdown projects and activities’ structure.

  • Allows easy collaboration between all project’s users.

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