Leadership Energy and Environmental Design, Accredited Professional (LEED AP) Exam Preparation Course –USGBC, USA


Leadership Energy and Environmental Design, Accredited Professional (LEED AP) Exam Preparation Course –USGBC, USA

Certification Body:               Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI)

Training Hours:                    14 Hours


LEED BD+C is the most popular LEED rating system and specialty AP credential, designed for professionals involved in the design, new construction, or major remodeling of green buildings. It emphasizes cost-effectiveness, an integrated design process, and measurable performance levels for buildings, humans, and the environment

Target Audience

The course and certification are ideal for architects, engineers, developers, construction superintendents, HVAC designers and installers, sustainability consultants, investors, and students preparing to enter related workforce role?


  • To be eligible for the LEED AP BD+C credential, one must first achieve the LEED Green Associate credential. It's possible to take the LEED Green Associate exam separately or together with the LEED AP BD+C exam in a combined 4-hour testing window??.
  • LEED project experience is not a requirement for taking the training or the exam, but it can be beneficial for reinforcing course concepts?

Course Content                       

Module 1: Integrative Process

  • Prerequisite Integrative Project Planning and Design
  • Credit Integrative Process

Module 2: Location and Transportation

  • LEED for Neighborhood Development Location
  • Sensitive Land Protection
  • High-Priority Site
  • Surrounding Density and Diverse Uses
  • Access to Quality Transit
  • Reduced Parking Footprint
  • Green Vehicles

Module 3: Sustainable Sites

  • Construction Activity Pollution Prevention
  • Environmental Site Assessment
  • Rainwater Management
  • Heat Island Reduction
  • Light Pollution Reduction
  • Site Master Plan
  • Tenant Design and Construction Guidelines
  • Joint Use of Facilities


Module 4: Water Efficiency

  • Outdoor Water Use Reduction
  • Indoor Water Use Reduction
  • Building-Level Water Metering
  • Cooling Tower Water Use

Module 5: Energy and Atmosphere

  • Fundamental Commissioning and Verification
  • Minimum Energy Performance
  • Building-Level Energy Metering
  • Advanced Energy Performance
  • Green Power and Carbon Offsets


Module 6: Materials and Resources

  • Construction and Demolition Waste Management Planning
  • PBT Source Reduction – Mercury
  • Building Life-Cycle Impact Reduction
  • Furniture and Medical Furnishings
  • Design for Flexibility

Module 7: Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Minimum Indoor Air Quality Performance
  • Environmental Tobacco Smoke Control
  • Low-Emitting Materials
  • Construction Indoor Air Quality Management Plan
  • Thermal Comfort, Interior Lighting, Daylight

Module 8: Innovation

  • Overview
  • Innovation
  • LEED Accredited Professional

Module 9: Regional Priority

  • Overview
  • Regional Priority.

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